Colors of my heart

billion smiles beaming from the blushing meadow
each as pure as a mother’s smile

leaping down from the broken window
running across the dusty streets

birds chirping in the yonder
spring settling into its blossom

riverlets triffling down the narrow moss-grown paths
the water transparent to the fullest

tender footprints growing into prominence
a walk down the past life

suckling throwing a tantrum for a lullaby
wearing nothing but a diaper

passing into a reverie of calm on a rainy day
hitherto unhinged

dusk, with all its mix of orange tang
silhouetting the dust rised by the trotting stallions

glittering through the foggy sky,
a rainbow of 7 colors and a million hue derivatives,
hardly any one of them can be formed without a tinge of black and white.

an appreciation all but from a black and white heart.


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