You would not go alone

Just in case, to be sure, she looks back
yes, she was walking alone
or that was what she wanted.
what was she thinking anyway? someone would come stalking from behind?
// oh i see, she thinks no one on this world is bad enough that they stalk someone
yea yea, the world is ‘aaaaall gooood'(sarcasm) //
why would someone do that if she was walking straight into a jungle believed to be home for evil
she moves on, walking with those little footsteps.
she reasoned herself wrongly,
and her decision was wrong,
to go into the jungle all alone.
what good it is to lose without giving a fight,
what good it is to cry without trying to laugh.
oh mother, help her.
she moves on, never looking back again.
that was her choice, to never again take help,
for she feared there might again come a day when the helper turned devil
and stared in her face asking for repayment of the help.
oh, curse the brats who do it.
no, she wont go in there alone
she won’t, even if she is against it

oh mother, help her
for she should trust no one lest she should get hurt more,
but you are mother, and you would not hurt your children,
help her, mother.


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