Whoa…! It is a snake… whuuooo..

Tommy was barking fervently and i was in the bed room, writing a blog post. That was yesterday evening, at around 7. For the sake of not getting diverted from the blog post, i din’t go and see why she was barking so viciously. But surely, my head grew hot and i couldn’t concentrate because of this distraction and i closed my laptop and went to the front door to see what has caused my dog to bark so loud, continuously. The house’s main door was a good 15 feet away from the entry gate of the house and i saw Tommy moving nervously with a few loud barks and a few little squeals(out of fear i guess). I noticed it was barking at something that was lying outside the gate, 2 feet from the gate. It was dark already, i put on the lights in the portico and still the light wasn’t enough to reveal what Tommy was barking at. But yet i knew what it might be, because the location of our house is somewhere out of the vehicle and citizen buzzling city, in a quite town, surrounded by farms randomly. So, with these farms around here, it is known that snakes often loose their tracks and come stranded into the human dwellings. And most often, the people here kill them if they see one near their house. And this knowledge made me think that Tommy was actually barking at a snake. A cold chill ran through my spine. I had never ever gone near a snake in my lifetime, not even in zoo but suddenly i had to tackle one all by myself, because there was no one home except my grandfather and grandmother. He was sleeping, taking rest from his illness and grandmother was talking on phone, i thought it would be good not to inform my grandparents of this stranded visitor. But my mind was quick, surprising me, that i thought it was no good call out neighbors because they would kill this snake definitely. But i wanted to make sure it was a snake because all this was inside my head, so i stared hard at the thing that was outside the gate. Tommy’s barks were still a distraction but i had to make sure that it was really a snake it was barking at, so i stared hard into this dully illuminated  surrounding, and i could, at last, make out the shape of the visitor. It was a snake indeed, its hood rised and it was cautiously watching Tommy bark, though i could see the snake was not offended by my dog’s fit of instinctual behavior.   It was a little snake after all, a poor little one, its hood was raised and a curvy ‘V’ shaped mark lay on the hood. My heart skipped for a moment, i just hoped what i am about to do doesn’t hurt the snake and also it doesn’t annoy the snake and make it come inside the house, i would freak out may be. And then i called Tommy to get inside, but she was barking and looking at me, then turning to the snake barking. She was doing this until i braced myself and with a flush of courage, i got into the portico and slowly moving towards Tommy, slow enough to not panic both the dog and the snake. And then when i was within the reach of tommy’s chain, i grabbed it and took her inside the house and locked her inside my room. And then i fetched a bucket of water, and stood on the doorway of the house. I looked at the snake again, it was still there at the same position, she was no harm to us i was sure.  I took a deep breathe, carefully calculating the amount of push i should exert on the bucket so that the water would not travel too far and hit the snake nor would it travel too less making it an unsuccessful attempt at shooing away the innocent snake. The breathe was a large one indeed, i din’t want to provoke the snake at all. So when i was sure that my hands won’t fail my plan, i rocked the bucket with enough strength that all the water fell inside the portico with a loud splash, i quickly glanced at the edge of the gate to check whether the water fell on the snake, no, i executed it well. But for a moment, the snake didnot move, i thought she felt offended and she might after all come inside and freak us out. But poor little one, it slowly lowered its hood after a moment or two and slithered its way into the bushes that were protruding from the sides of the gates. I sighed! Why should i have to make that little creature scare? to make it go away for my own safety.

The incident left me with some deep sadness, something which people would call foolish if i told them. ‘If’ i told them, because i knew i would not be able to express it. It was not the fear of snake at all, I least fear mortal wounds or pains. But i want to try to express it, it felt as if it was the pain i would undergo when i ask my own beloved brother to leave me and ask to never ever show up again. People might not understand this, but that was/is what it was/is like for me.

Sigh! Nature works its way, we should all but abide by her rules. Why not with a smile then?, some might ask. I cannot answer that. Its Nature.


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