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limited set of syllables i mumble
wonder if they reach you or stumble
growing up for ages, yet the trees are humble
i would have stayed out of sight if it weren’t for the tumble

i am seen, so i can’t go away and hide or tremble
rather i will put the words here, sorting out the mind’s jumble
if you don’t like it, say it without hesitation, it would be quite reasonable
for here i am, lying inexpressible
so here goes my try, i guess this won’t be that bad, just survivable ( # 😀 )

wonder if the water cries when i throw a pebble
if she does, i shall not trouble her with my acts so terrible
wonder if the stones get hurt when i rumble
if they do, i shall keep them away from trouble

the cute lamb just started to walk and wobble
the sunflowers are reaching for the rays of light, that’s all the time reachable
the orange sun seems unbeatable
the clouds say we are here, the dependable