Unwelcome – #1 The Maze Runner

The metal doors closed behind her with a loud clank, she has no way back. She looked around to get a clearer picture of the new surroundings that she was thrown into. The doors that barred the way out were smooth, silver-matted metal pieces with brownish maroon colored rusty patches all over, giving it a look of two old half-doors determined to close her inside for the rest of the time, until they rust completely. And the sound that came when the door closed gave her an idea that these doors were run through mechanical gears and the controls must be somewhere outside. Then she looked at the long passageway ahead of her, it seemed to stretch for miles, the far end seemingly blurred in a white, silvery mist that suggested her that this was no closed room. The passageway was wide enough to fit her, both arms stretched horizontally with palms cranked vertically, it wasn’t much wide.

She moved closer to the right wall of the passageway observing the walls, which seemed to be made of rectangular stone pieces, white marble stone. The wall was matted dully with green lichen and unknown creeper plants that grew from the bottom edges of the wall. The marble wall looked as if they were stained with green blood. She felt the wall she was observing tremble slightly, as if to tell her that her touch was not welcome. She drew back her hand feeling apprehensive. She again looked at the passageway ahead, the mist seemed to be in no hurry for clearing up, either breaking down into droplets or rising up into the higher air. She sighed and closed her eyes. A sudden pang of realization rocked her, she must actually be panicky by now because whatever was happening with her now, it was not right. To be inside a place like this is no good and the realization that she was calm even in a dark situation as this frightened her. But she knew why she was calm. She knew where she was. Fighting back the tears, she collapsed down to her knees, the fall rising a cloud of dust around her. She paid no attention to the bruises to her knees, nor was she aware of the mix of dust in the air she breathed. Injury to knees?, her mind fended it off without a second thought, the mortal wounds were the least she cared about.

                                      She should be strong, she reminded herself. This is not the right time to mourn for the past pains she endured, this is a new pain altogether which she had to endure, to survive in this god forsaken place. But yet, her mind was unsettled completely, random memories flew past her head, making it more tough for the girl to try not to cry. They were saddening her, these memories. Realizing what was happening with her, she jerked up with all the physical strength she could gather that moment and stood up.

She pushed back the bristles of hair that feel on her face and looked ahead.It was quite clear for her.This was what she was destined to, this was what she was thrown in here for. She knew there was no point in sulking away from reality.

                                         If this was the path to destiny, then I would reach the other end expecting neither doom nor solace. It is destiny i seek and i seek it without expectation, resolving her mental consciousness thus, she walked forward slowly. Her white frock was all muddy at the frisky ends and she din’t seem to notice that, for she never cared about her physical self anymore after being thrown into this maze. For her, this was more of a psychic maze than a physical one. She felt as if the world would end for her if she wouldn’t solve the maze.

Her slow walk paced up into an accelerating jog and then she dashed as if to get away from the overwhelming grab of a abyss. The white mist at the other end of the passageway seemed to knew she was coming, coming with a mighty will, because it suddenly turned from silvery white to gloomy grey. The girl now ran through the pane of mist without fear. The mist bellowed in pleasure that at last she had it’s victim.

Was it enough? Was a mighty will power the only tool one should possess to walk through all the troubles?

The answers are with the girl, the maze runner.

To be continued…

Note : “Unwelcome” is the first post in “The Maze Runner”, which will be a set of posts. So, for the complete story refer posts which contain a “#” before the name of the series, which suggests the order of that particular post in ‘The Maze Runner’ series. I would be glad to have this reviewed by you. Thank you.


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