A Ruffian – #1 Struggle of Negroes

“‘eh ther’…get up now. ‘s time ‘eh work and pay off the debt.”

“whoooooo eeees eet..leet me shleep foo—aaaaauuuhh..rrr an hour morreee…”

“if you ain’t gonna listen my words kid, i warn you. now get up and shun ur laziness aside and start the work, a lot of wood needs to be chiseled.”

“ooh. sorry sire..it was you.. give a minute sire, i will be ready and yours for the rest of the day,sire.”

“alright..make e’ up fas’.. the order’s gotta be delivered by evening..”
bloody! i sincerely offer to work for him to pay off my debt and he is bossing around.

“sire. ‘m ready. whe’s wood sire?”

“got ‘eh feet fas’ ha? slow down a bit kid, lookslike ‘eh gonna finish the job fast..we ‘ave no need of ‘hat…”

“as you say”

“well then.. ther’s wood and here’s the chisel.”

“okay sire……aawwww”

“ruddy kid!!! if ‘eh gonna keep messing up with my tools li’that, ‘eh would neva’ payoff the debt”
hell! insolent brute, you throw the chisel at me like that and expect me to catch it..aarrgh,i’d better ge’ done with this job as early as possible..

“sorry sire..wun’do that again”

“‘kay now..ge’ to work…”

“ok sire..think i’s done..”
and i will be free.

To be continued…

Note: ‘A Ruffian’ is the first post in ‘Struggle of Negroes’. Refer to the #number representation to browse through different posts in order.


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