Leave All Alone, Gold And To Grave

reach out
you’ll find a heart
neva’ u have know one such

expect less
for that may surprise
with meager words

hunger crawls
idiot say calls
what do i do

there is life
to be won
to be lost

heart trembles
can i live up?
or should i give up?

visions stream across
memories brush anew
tears ripple eyes

hardships begone
welcome peace
everyone will get both, a piece

willing or not
freedom or caught
blood stains move on

run for life
leave all alone
gold and to grave



  1. Interesting poem for the conflict the lines contain.
    I see life as something not to be won or lost but to be lived, to be experienced. Almost everything of significance is a lesson for me. That way, nothing shocks me beyond a limit.

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