And yes, I am….

ripping apart
words into letters
memories into tears
i accept the blame
and yes, i am lame.

falling through
feelings into abyss
words crushed into one piece
i accept i can talk
and yes, i won’t bark.

rolling down
tears like river streams
pain like bright sun beams
i accept i am what you think
and yes, i am on fool’s brink.

chopping off
wealth and pay hike
good will alike
i accept i am not fit for job
and yes, i won’t blob.

foggy blur
decisions or intrusions
care once, i don’t cause aversions
i accept i don’t surprise
and yes, i am my surmise


3 thoughts on “And yes, I am….

    • 😀 i am already going through it. it would be good if you made your blog link available by clicking on your gravatar. I used facebook via ur email to see ‘my websites’ on your profile.

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