i Fear, Autumn is near…

i fear
autumn is near
gusts wail through
leaves rustling wild.

wounds seem mild,
for one who cares not
what leaves go through.

pained and unheeded,
they search for help,
nay comes never.

shimmer us with colors and air,
fresh and pleasant,
lets us live in peace.

with world at war,
they grow still,
raising us, bearing us,

i fear
autumn is near
winter has done all it can.

spring is far
illusions and delusions
pained and unheeded

leaves bid goodbye
pained or not
go, they have to
for no one saves them the blues
and the browns,

oh tender ones,
they wither.

who cares about them
when they lie on the floor
crumpled and crushed under our sinful feet

who cares when they are being taken away
our pretty eyes only look high
proud and insolent

resentment and atonement
i seek nay
for sins i have committed
i deserve none.

O’ leaves, thou deserves all.

i love thee
fallen or flying.

for even if there is no one you see
who cares and hugs you,
count on me.

O’ tender ones,
i cannot stop autumn
nor can i bring-forth spring

but i promise thee,
that i shall be with thou
fallen or flying.

P.S. : Leaves are a bit nervous about the onset of Autumn. 😐


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