Happiness, delivered in fractions…

in life, happiness is delivered in fractions,
scattered like stars in the sky.

i can only imagine a complete fraction,
joining the stars as i want.

fooling self, sympathizing self,
happiness is delivered in fractions.

expect not otherwise
and become a premature fool.


11 thoughts on “Happiness, delivered in fractions…

  1. Life is not a bed of roses for everyone; Obviously, u can’t expect happiness to be whole numbers in your life. If happiness comes to u as whole numbers, then life will lose its thrill and becomes boring. A fraction of happiness is always good for life, A fraction of failures is not bad for life…..I totally agree with u.
    Nicely written lines and hope u are feeling the fraction of happiness of ur life, when u read my comment……..ALL THE BEST FRIEND

    From: sriramnivas.wordpress.com

  2. Premature? There’s an underlying assumption that instead of becoming wiser as you enjoy more experience in life, you become a greater fool than you are now. Were you, personally, wiser five years ago? Ten years ago? Are you becoming a greater fool, or are you merely projecting fooldom on those older than you and currently around you?

    • Every one becomes wiser as they grow. I did not mean it otherwise. And I am no different.

      And the first thing you said was exactly right, “There’s an underlying assumption that instead of becoming wiser as you enjoy more experience in life, you become a greater fool than you are now. ”

      There are people who don’t learn to stop to expect, expect happiness from life(unnecessary expectations, unworthy expectations), for them this is the assumption and the premature thing is another one of their foolish interpretations of life’s enlightening experiences.

      as you have questioned, now i see that i should have mention that this article was only for that section of people.

      I am sorry you felt offended.

    • and also…
      one has to accept that happiness comes only in fractions, every day.
      so eventually, someday, one of his last days, he may well try to reason otherwise becoming a fool eventually. Just the time delay of his becoming a fool. That is what, one has to understand and stand by reality till the end.

      “Today, i am 20, i believe i can be happy with what i chose..but later when im 70, if i again say, if only i chose that,the other thing, i wud have been happier.”

      if ever that crosses my mind, then i am called an eventual fool.

      sorry, you felt offended i see.

  3. I do agree happiness comes in fraction ! good it doesn’t comes in decimals ! lol!
    I find your blog so unique and have suspicion that you have high IQ !

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