A Crescendo of Silence…

walking in the midst of a buzzing crowd,
evading people’s stares and unbearable babbles all along the road,

head held low,
eyes down under the brow,

complexion like a deep abyss,
tears sparkling to the brim, without a drop amiss,

memories flicker,
in and out, the connection too strong to stagger,

unbearably living in two worlds simultaneously,
buzz of reality and seep of memories, ends in a wound cut slyly,

words reduced to a sob,
i dash around to find solace in the crowded world, a foolish psychological slob,

finding none eventually,
breaking into the extremes, i breach the vault of tears, hidden perpetually,

not anymore,

the vault is breached,
definitely, that would help me gain peace that no one has ever reached,

i lock myself in,
the ears find respite at last, true and livin’,

a crescendo of silence,
needs a dare from your heart,
and a breach of your innermost vaults of tears. ( under extreme emotional transgressions)


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