Book Review Section Soon !!!

I blog my thoughts in form of poetry and short fiction. I owe all my writing skills to the books i have read and much part of it has been mothered by Crossword Bookstores Ltd., India. I recently was thinking of putting up a “Book Review” section on my blog, .

I thought it would be great to see fellow readers review the books they have read on my blog and i too want to see how to review a book because i do not have a clue about how to write a review for a book. If anyone is interested please do mail me at

Methods: You send me a review about a book and i will publish it under your name. Or i ask for a review of a particular book so that many would write and i will publish what looked and impressed me best(kind of competition). Any suggestions, i welcome them. I am totally excited with this new idea.

And fellow Bloggers who keep track of my blog,
Please do suggest something about how to implement this effectively.
Thank You.


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