Legacy of Truth, A Promise…

O’ little one,

the world around squints to hear all from you,
everything except your pain,

it is mad that the world will hardly care for your troubles,
tend to your wounds yourself if nay help comes,

the world is big and wide and has a huge heart,
but it is only reserved for selfish and pleasure trinkets,

every expression seems lost unless you add a smile, aah the world ignores the rest,
it asks you to surrender and act like a puppet,

the world has a lot to take from you but very less to give something to you,
don’t lose the little help you can get, you cannot afford to let go of it,

with a crushing power, your feelings are dumped underneath, the world cares naught about your troubles,
realize that you are both the source and the sink of your feeling,

the world hides well, everything very well,
fear not though, good still exists,

it is the legacy of the truth that promises you this,
help is still there around you, try to see it,

O’ little one,
fear not,

i am not the world,
i will hear all you have to say
from silly things to painful things,

i am not the world,
i have a big and wide heart
that is not selfish,

i am not the world,
i ask nothing for myself, all i ask is accept what i give,
the little help that you are in need of,

i am not the world,
i hide nothing,
for i reflect truth and good,

O’ little one,
don’t be both the source and the sink of your feelings, for heaven’s sake not pain of all,
see what is around that can help you. i hope you do.


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