Now and Then, Here and There…

now and then,
here and there,
words are rare,
so spare me your stare,
growing old, shown in whitening hair,
push the evil back to it’s lair,
eyes always work together as a pair,
if one is blind, the other is mind.

hand out the cards on Halloween and scare,
link up the legos into a home sweet home with a stair,
follow the stars, be lost in dreams, sweet dreams, let’s have no nightmare,
you have a dream where you follow a hare,
you go through the forest and end up at a lake full of animals so fair,
done deal, you relish the moment at the lake and in turn pay back the return journey’s fare,
you get down of the dream, look around your room with care.

Oh Gosh! its just a dream
now and then,
here and there.


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