I want a Pizza. Desperately.

She says, ” I am going to Pizza Hut today with my friend. ”

i say, ” will you get one for me? ”

she says, ” will see. ”

i say, ” okay “.

And she goes out, has a good time eating garlic bread exotica and spicy vegetable pizza with her friend. She comes home after 2 hours.

I lick my lips in anticipation, mouth watering with flashes of imagination of biting into a spicy pizza with the chilli and pepper topping.

I look at her hands first, nothing.


I say, ” Pizza? i told you get one for me. ”

She says, ” Yeah. But i spent all the money shopping, i didn’t even know that i spent everything. ” and she grins.

I start, ” but i told you to get me a piz…..” and i slack off.
no argument, she didn’t get me one.

i turn away mumbling how women spend money on shopping. shopping and shopping.tirelessly.
Can’t she spare some money to buy a pizza for her brother?
My turn will come….sister.. 😛 😉 🙂 😀


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