Pizza desperation. Stretched like Cheese.

Just a few hours back, at 5:23 PM to be exact, i posted this – I want a Pizza. Desperately. – article, i get a ping from a friend saying she was going to Dominoes( another pizza parlor) with her mother and she teased me saying “I am going to eat a pizza. Pizza tastes so yummy.”  Oh gosh! i am being tested to limits. :O

i say, ” go have it all for yourself.. :O 

she says, “ is all mine.. 😛

And tomorrow, it is Monday and college resumes and it would be another week before i get a chance to try at abating my pizza-hunger.

And all i can do through the week is try throwing a tantrum : “muuummmmmyyyyyyyy!!!!!

But the week would be tough, i would remember how my sister and my friend lured and mesmerized me into this vortex of Pizza-do (read along tornado) and left me hungry like a new born child who almost is hungry 24×7 during his first days.

I still hope my turn would come…sister..friend..

And again, another friend says i am lazy to not get a pizza myself, that’s true. 😀 😛


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