‘Is It So ?’, A Question To Self…

is it so tough to face someone who is being nice,
turning away briskly with such pace.

is it so hard to learn good,
tireless walk in search of someone who would take in the good, without me mocking under a hood.

is it so uncommon to shed a tear for no selfish reason,
agony and pain for the world’s committed treason.

is it so unwelcome, my reassuring pat on the back,
simple show of enormous care, colored white and black.

is it so outlandish to listen to old melodies,
they are pure and true even in lyric, not unlike present ones filled with venom of lust and fake, more like dummies.

is it so fiendish,
to share your pain without knowing what you wish.

is it so selfish,
to ask you to believe me, the one with the truth, when i say ” ‘what you think is true’ is actually rubbish “.

is it so painful,
to allow someone else to meddle with old memories remaining bashful.

is it so easy to misunderstand,
the help and kindness someone, who doesn’t expect something in return, offers to heal you without need of a magic wand.


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