Count me in. Count me out.

Reading Instructions : Read the left column and the right column separately first, thought they run almost on the same timeline. There is analogy to be understood between the both. Generally, i don’t think both eyes can concentrate on two different things at the same time, nor is mind capable of it easily. Yet, i have all this at my heart, simultaneously. Black and White or is it White and Black ? 😐


count me in-                                                                    count me out-
-to your djinn,                                                                 -of your heart,
merge me akin,                                                         i lie, i won’t get hurt,
together lets swim,                                                choose what you want,
borrowing Nemo’s crippled fin,                            your happiness is my chant,
we will commit no sin,                                                  you know it or not,
bright smiles, over you they reign,                             i am prepared for that,
throw away the troubles in the bin,                 though it may cause my heart
lets share pain, even if thin,                                    to skip a precious beat,
give your hand, i have the ring,                       give your hand, i would take it
let us be one, we win,                      to the one you choose, in me you trust,
happily we live from then,       i will bless you then, for a life that’s happy alot,
count me in                                             count me out
and have all this with ME              and have all this nevertheless, without ME

It is your choice,
to count me in or to count me out,
to choose me in or to choose me out,
i would do all i can to make you happy,
whether chosen in or chosen out,
whether counted in or counted out,
your happiness is my chant,
bright smiles, over you they reign.


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