Mirror Never Surprises Me…

I walk to the long, rectangle, vertical mirror mounted onto the half-door of the shelf beside my bed.

I look into it. And guess who i see? Myself!

Not unlike many, who change through years, realizing not how cruel they is becoming, how selfish they is becoming, how lustful they is becoming, how insane they is becoming.

I guess, they find a monster when they look into a mirror.

at least, that reflection will make a few realize what they are becoming.

but maybe, they changed too much that the monster in the mirror actually looks like a magnanimous king clad in finest jewellery made of rarest jewels.

NOTE : this “seeing oneself in a mirror and finding a monster” is actually a one line theme i read in xcalamityjenx‘s blog : insomnia tea party
. i liked that.


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