The Missing Pen !!!

I have got it right here beside my hand. where did it go?

The pen i just placed on the desk is missing. Mysterious? No, its actually funny!

It was just for a moment that i turned to talk to a classmate and there! i turn back to find no pen.

Its funny that this happens almost daily. Strange! I look under the desk, No Pen!

I search my pockets, No Pen!

I observe the person beside me to catch any sign of his hand in this MISSING PEN case. No, he’s not guilty.

I search my bag, though i know i have not put it there. No pen!

And hell! i am loosing the lecture.

I borrow a pen.

I come home and undress and no more of “pen” that day.

Next day i find the pen on a shelf at home.

Yikes!! I must have not searched my pockets thoroughly and Mom must have found it while laundering.

Case closed!


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