Omni-Dimensional Deeds – #1

walking fast,
hurrying home,
gotta’ send an sms to the dear ones,
i see an elderly man slowly walking,
each step with herculean effort, even with the help of a walking stick,
my hearts breaks apart,
i am young,
i can easily over take this man,
and reach home,

but i feel heart broken,
i feel depressed,
i slow down to almost a baby-feet walk,
i watch the man struggling, though steadily walking,
he is struggling with his insides much more than he is with his legs,

i am in public,
tears well up,
and i am a boy,
and people make fun,
not that i care, but still, i fear,
that moment i know i am weak,

i slowdown and walk behind the man,
for as long time as i could afford(screw college work, stress,tiredness)
and with one last sniff,
i talk one single stride to overtake the man,
and that moment,
i know i am a loser.

and what more can i be,
i try soothing myself,
but it’s hard,
i say, “at least my will is good, even if i couldn’t possible do anything good physically”.

and that is one moment,
that would never end occuring
the wheel of time shall keep spinning,
no matter why i cry,
for the pains of the elderly,
or for the pains of others who deserve better.

all things turn tide and settle at heart without reaching out,
tongue and ears lying low,
eyes knowing the tears’ flow.
the wheel of time it is.


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