I Shall Endure – #1

eyes frenetically looking around,
hands sweating like honey plundered from a beehive,
mind racing through memories, as if each memory has a random chance of being the last one to be remembered,
breathing strenuously as if trying to take-in the last of the oxygen present in all of nature’s realms,
feet scuttling directionless, trembling,
tongue going rapidly dry as if it is a ball of flame that will never let live a stream of water,
heart sobbing, all energies spent shouting the truth which was only restricted to the prison it was thrown inside.

i shall endure.


2 thoughts on “I Shall Endure – #1

  1. very soon i have to start a S JAYANTH Fan club association! im sure! remember Jishan is he first fan. But great work……specially Phoenix arts.

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