Blind,Deaf,Dumb and a thin line that God crossed…

Isn’t the simple combination of white and black a much celebrated rainbow for a blind who has seen only black all life.

Isn’t the sound emanated from the fall of a metal pin among waves of silence an eloquent melody for a deaf who has heard nothing but his/her own thoughts and pains resounding all life.

Isn’t the tiniest syllable an inspiring speech that would embrace the mother’s heart, for a dumb who has but to gesture with hands all the feelings that run through him/her, all life.

What i intend to suggest by talking all this?
That i am devastated.
Though the truth that we yet found ways to cross these obstacles partially heals my wound, a wound caused by the very existance of such injustifiable pains right from birth.(i don’t talk of people who are not ‘special’ by birth because we never know, they might have done something bad in life to deserve this ‘special’ status). And i am only talking of humans! Think of all living species.


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