Innocence Will…

at young age, innocence helps and changes all life to become a very good nurtured one, taking us in the right path.
at teenage+, innocence hurts, blinds and again hurts.

what is innocence here?
things like “all people are good.none want to cause me or my people harm”, “he talks so much good, he is definitely good”, “a nerd is the best guy/girl one can love”, “not knowing the world and it’s ways”.
this innocence will hurt many, mostly women. ‘coz men cheat, plunder their innocent energies and minds. stop it ****** bastards X-(

But also,
some knowledge is enlightening,
some knowledge is embarrassing,
but know we must about the entire knowledge,
yet, choose the right and the best one to take us forward,
though many fail at the “choose” step.


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