“Put Me First”, Says Every Feeling…

i start to write,
with few words to say,
but with endless feelings woven underneath,

and just as i start,
each feeling pours onto the fore,
shouting and calling my name,
each asking to put them out first, through ink,

with ‘disappointed frown on my forehead’ i start,
intending to finish with ‘tears on my cheeks and pointy chin’,

but i feel pity for the other feelings,
that are still waiting in the queue,
i cannot let them wait longer,

and so,
i drag my words a bit longer,
moving onto ‘the muted wails of my heart’,
and then onto ‘my sweating hands, drumming my chest as a show of grief’,
and then finishing the words with ‘my apprehensively trembling feet’,

how can i be partial?
if i respect everything i feel.


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