Goodbye Hedwig – A Harry Potter Fan Fiction


Harry jerked his head to look at the flash of light that erupted just beside him. It was from Hedwig’s cage. Smoke was fuming out of the cage and Hedwig lay on the floor of the cage motionless. Harry couldn’t take it in, his eyes started to burn and tears welled up inside them.

“Hedwig….. Hedwig…”

Hedwig didn’t move, its white plumage was charred to an extreme extent by the curse from the death eater. Harry wiped off his tears, he has a battle ahead, to be fought and won.

“Hedwig….. Hedwig…”

After the strange happening of his wand doing a spell on its own accord and after the encounter with the death eaters was over, Harry took Hedwig’s cage into his hands. The metal grills of the cage were burnt and still hot. He tenderly took out Hedwig from the cage and gently pressed her to his chest, his heart now a lump of rock, one that is standing against high and relentless tides on an ocean shore. His hands trembled, his heart was no better. His vision became hazy. He couldn’t believe he was actually holding his owl, dying.

He closed his eyes and silently bemoaned this cruel and painful reality. Hedwig was dying, he knew. He lowered his head to kiss her. He stopped an inch from her brow and silently prayed,” May peace be yours, Hedwig. I Love You.” and kissed her on the brow. He withdrew his hands from under her body and started to wipe his tears off, his cheeks were already wet and turned sticky due to the salinity of the tears.

While he was wiping his tears, a brisk movement in front of him caught his attention. He looked at Hedwig, she was moving, though very minutely, as if those were the last movements of its muscles and feathers and she knew it.

Hedwig turned her head to Harry and blinked twice. She was in pain, he could see that in the way she looked at him. Yet, he was sure that she was not expecting any help and that she knew these were her very last moments before she was peacefully transported to a superior realm of peace and calm, into the void.

Harry couldn’t believe what he was seeing, the tears that he wiped off just now somehow seemed to comeback and rush down the same path through his bright blue eyes. A smile flickered on his face, he had very few moments in his life when his heart would both smile and cry at the same time, one such moment was when he saw his family in the Mirror of Erised.


“Hedwig…Hedwig..Ooh Hedwig.. nothing would happen to you.. i won’t let something happen.. Oooh Hedwig.. I should have guarded you.. i am sorry. Ooh Hedwig. Please get up and fly..nothing will happen to will fly agai-…..”

Hooot..!!!! Hooot..!!!!

Harry stopped, his grief and joy both somehow froze by the way Hedwig hooted. He looked at her carefully, she was blinking fervently and moving her head in an up-down motion as if asking him to come closer. Harry knowing not what she was trying to tell, bent down and not knowing why, touched his brow with that of her’s.

That touch sent up a deep calm over his mind and he saw a vision.

Hedwig carried a letter and dropped it on the floor, in front of the house at 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey. The envelope was sealed and was addressed to Harry Potter, who lived in the cupboard under the stairs. She was more than happy to be on this mission of delivering Harry Potter’s Hogwarts admission letter. After all, little Harry was the boy who lived.

And when she knew that the muggles in the house were not letting Harry have the letter, she called on all the owls from the Owlery on West Tower of Hogwart’s castle and they together posted the same letters continuously until this act blew Vernon Dursley’s temper off and he, with his family and Harry, left for a little shack on a big rock on the sea shore. Vernon planned it very well, the storms and gusts on the sea prevented owls or any other birds from flying around. Hedwig ticked off Hagrid about Vernon’s stupidity.

And later when Hagrid sorted it all out and brought Harry to Diagon Alley the next morn, he gave Harry Hedwig. That was Harry’s 11th birthday.

And today is his 17th birthday.


Harry returned to his senses and before he could think what has happened, he saw Hedwig hoot feebly once and she blinked at him, those round nocturnal eyes watery with pain and emotion and that was it. She was gone. Eyes not moving now, motionless as a white marble statue, she has left him.

Harry could not bear what was happening, what has happened, in these past few minutes. So much has happened. He couldn’t stop the tears now, wiping them off was not going to ease his pain at heart. He gently closed Hedwig’s eyes.

“Then it was you, Hedwig, you are the one that tried sending me those Hogwart’s letters? You are the one who called on Hagrid to aid me? Oh Hedwig, I love you. How could i let this happen to you?

Hedwig!!! Hedwig!!!

You were with me all the time i grew up, from a boy who was raised by muggles, keeping my magical history in dark to the one who is to confront the most evil wizard the world has ever seen. And you were one reason i got to spend a year with my godfather Sirius, for you have delivered letters in secret though you knew the dangers involved in doing that.Your death won’t go in vain Hedwig. As will not be any others’, who gave up their lives for the greater good. Voldemort will pay for every death he has brought upon this world, for every single slain innocent. Thank you for everything, Hedwig. Rest in peace, Hedwig.”

And so ends the little story of Hedwig, she-who-was-with-Harry-for-7-birthdays and she-who-was-a-brave-and-lovely-friend.

Goodbye Hedwig.

P.S : Any details that don’t fall in line with the actual details in Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling are assumed so(i guess there are only one or two details as such). My Fan Fiction is in no way a plagiarism nor any try at offending anyone’s feelings about the Harry Potter series or its related subjects, characters and content.

Criticism is welcome and appreciated.
thank you.

11 thoughts on “Goodbye Hedwig – A Harry Potter Fan Fiction

  1. 😥 I really love Hedwig! This was really good, please write more 🙂 ~Angelina 🙂

  2. i really loved how you created a past in which she chose to be Harry’s and how she wanted him to find out about his real life. the connection between them is also something that had not really gotten so much detail so i love how you described it. btw its LilySnape from The facebook page
    Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends ❤

  3. I always liked the connection between hedwig and harry..and love the way u presented here..I smiled and felt sad at the same time while reading the article!!
    good work jaya..keep it up..all ur posts are great 🙂

  4. Really nice and emotional. I like the relationship you create. 🙂

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