Exams = No Time For Blogging? Nah! ;)

My B.Tech III – 1 semester exams started yesterday and i have another exam tomorrow.

Long before these exams started, my mind already made up few things regarding blogging. I was never ever “obsessed” with studies. I take them light,easy,relaxed and i believe that it is when i give the best shot.

So, i was sure i would find time to blog. Usually i write text, but eventually when these exams came, there is not much time really to write daily or even frequently. That is the reason i have been posting photographs and art the past week or so. That is just adding an image and posting, though they too speak everything that my usual text speaks. It is kind of irritating that i am unable to find time to write stuff on my blog.

but here i am, writing, complaining about lack of time to write a blog post.
This part comes under the relaxation terms for me. Though i would disagree if it is understood as neglecting studies. I mean it when i say i give the best shot when i relax(in my own way). Time spent on studies is not always the criteria for knowledge assessment, though it may be counted as a measure of one’s interest in the subject and one’s determination to see through the exam. But all that applies to people who like their subjects, i don’t and so i have my definitions.
my best shot comes when i relax more.

Blogging became a dominant one in that.

Nah! there is time for blogging, even if this is exam time, because I am ME.


2 thoughts on “Exams = No Time For Blogging? Nah! ;)

  1. you voted for a post of mine. that’s what brought me here

    true, sometimes a picture speaks a 1000 words
    good luck with ur exams though u may not need them as you are pretty chilled out about them :))

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