Pranav Mistry : Brain or What?

Watch the video below if you want to go right into the fascination. Or if you are patient enough, go through the text too.

Okay, about two days ago one of my friends shared a video called “this is how an indian brain works”. Usually, i don’t watch videos with such “boastful” or “egoistic” names. But the thumbnail of the video was showing a man holding a book, the backdrop being a rack of books. As i am a book enthusiast, i clicked the play button, and for nearly 13minutes i sat in front of my PC screen with my mouth open, literally.

The technologies he created, the products he created are amazing. Unbelievable.
And what he promises to do with these technologies is also so pleasing to hear.

Pranav Mistry is his name.
His profile :
Wiki page:
The people sitting inside the seminar hall stoop up and clapped for a minute or so. Must Watch, even for a non-tech enthusiast.


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