Money, My Foot (Photography) – The Phoenix ARTS (TPA)

Why should we be slaves to money!

Doesn’t that hurt you?

It does hurt me.

If help is only money, then humans are losing.

Yes, we have people who do charity, many people in fact.

But the ratio of them to those who don’t is a freaking decimal way from ‘zero’.

It hurts me that the world evolved with ‘money’ as the focal point.

Money – an unfortunate thing

Help is not just money, i know. I was only lamenting about that particular case where help can only be done through money, money that one cannot afford to help others.

So, how can it be justified? That, one human needs desperate help and there are a few good hearts generous enough to help but being poor, they too become helpless.

And consider the whole magnitude of this situation. Take African Nations for example. World groups like UNICEF are doing a very great job and we can all help. Yet, at the same time, i questionwhy does this have to come to this? Why just money?
It hurts to see the world in pain and the most lame thing about it is that money is the very core problem but also the only solution(the term ‘only’ is not transparent enough here, there are several caveats) and there aren’t enough “reliable” resources for that money, the money for the solution.

So there are two different money :
One is MONEYthe problem
Second is MONEYthe solution

Oh this regard, i can only praise those people who do charity and i can only lament about those who don’t, even while being rich, very very rich.

There are billionaires who do charity, Bill Gates name stands out among them(for me).

And there are billionaires who don’t do charity, i do not know who and how many they are, but here, that ratio i mentioned earlier, is even more grim.

I do not know..It hurts very much…. we humans somehow are always on the wrong path.

Money is everything? Huh! We should be ashamed.

P.S :  I would like to hear from you, on this. But i am sure, there are many people who are ready to come out and shoutmoney – my foot“.


5 thoughts on “Money, My Foot (Photography) – The Phoenix ARTS (TPA)

  1. I feel those who are rich have a right to do what they like with their money, if they have earned it through honest means. I am more angered by those who have earned their money through corruption, cheating, exploitation etc. But I also can’t understand how happy can most of us really be when we see so much unhappiness and poverty around us, how does it not bother so many of us?

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