Did SRK Buy Youtube Or What?

I don’t understand his ways of publicizing his movies. His previous movie R.A.One, GOSH!! When i put on the tv, it seemed almost every news channel was telecasting about R.A.One. SRK was giving away interviews. It took only nearly 5minutes and 15 channels for me to switch off the television and sigh loudly.(be glad, i din’t curse)

Later i turned on my PC. I navigated to youtube.com and there i find him, SRK or is it G.One, aah..Him.. He was there, dressed up like a “epic laboratory experiment failure”(powerpuff girls? nah..they were at least cool and genuine) looking like “iron man” near his chest, like a “tron : legacy” in his superhero outfit.

I cried out, “Darn!”.

And it took only few minutes for me to realize that SRK was going to test my patience, seriously, till the end. Because, just few minutes later, i sincerely clicked the trailer of R.A.One, in deed curious why this star was bragging so much about his new film. And then came the real shock. When the video started playing, SRK literally broke the youtube page and flew across the page into the video..and later from video to outside.

Bloody Hell! It was too much for me!

I thought, what has he done? Bought youtube or what?
because to do such a thing on a website like youtube.com, you have to be very rich and anxious or you have to be SRK!

And i closed the entire browser after being fed up.
But i only mistook his “extent” of publicizing, because i saw “R.A.One on youtube. get interactive” kinda banners all over the web, ever since.

And after a few weeks, i saw a photograph in the movie review section of a paper showing the ashes of R.A.One(rofl), the epic movie? or whatever it was intended to be.

Why i talk of R.A.One now is, we have DON 2 now. i fear, will it be deja vu?!
Oh poor SRK!
grr…forgive me!
Oh poor youtube!

SRK fan( i used to be)?
Oh well, that’s what he has done too.
Hope he learnt a lesson.
that too much publicizing(blindly) will lead to………………..an epic failure(if care is not taken).

So, DON 2?

I love his DON. If i see a publicity stunt being done for DON 2, just like R.A.One, then i wouldn’t give a damn to watch that movie.

And there is more that i want to spill fire on, on R.A.One. But later! first dish served for now.!


2 thoughts on “Did SRK Buy Youtube Or What?

  1. Jayanth, Google had done a tie-up with the Ra.One team. However, it just goes to show SRK’s hold because Youtube paid SRK for the tie-up. Youtube wanted to increase their publicity in India, and this was a sort of Win-Win situation for both (albeit more of a win for SRK, who got paid for publicizing his own movie on a Channel).

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