Delayed Apocalypse – 21/12/2112

Okay. Here it is.

I just visited the future, to be accurate the 2112 year and i have bad news for humans.

Ahead there, when i was in the future, i turned my PC on and randomly Googled the word “peace”, hoping to see that famous sign and portfolios and bios of some top peace leaders like M.K. Gandhi, Martin L. King, Nelson Mandela to be brought to fore on the search list. I was wrong.

Google prompted – “did you mean ‘piece’ ?”

I was like, oh my!

So, i turned OFF my PC and hurried back to the present. To do what? Oh no, i do not know!

Maybe, i should first get a passport and get separate visas to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Tibet, China, North Korea,South Korea, Russia, USA, Israel, Palestine, Sudan and other countries and also set the dates for meeting all the Presidents and Prime Ministers to warn them. And later, i should return back home to India, i should warn the people here too, our nation is no smaller threat to that peace than all the above mentioned ones.

Oh! Father, would your bank bounty be enough? To save the world! Maybe we could ask for a loan or if nothing works, we should break into the Swiss bank, because we have to save the world. No,No..Not save it. Just warn it.

Here now, i proclaim this warning to Humans, as a messenger from the future :

“The 2012 apocalypse, due to technical snags, has been delayed to 2112, the date and month hold their places though.

You all know that – Corruption. Lust. Selfishness. Madness. Insanity and many such intolerable things are reasons for the depletion of peace.

So you have 100 years,
to resurrect these depleting levels of peace or at least, bribe Google to not remove the word “peace” from it’s search algorithm’s database at least until 2112( this is an epic damnation), you must start to prepare.. for the “DELAYED APOCALYPSE”.

You have been warned, humans.”

It’s frightening to think that google will prompt “did you mean PIECE?” when we search for “PEACE”!

Delayed Apocalypse

Note : “breaking into the Swiss bank” is the only fictional thing in this post. I m just making sure by attaching this note because i don’t want to be jailed before i proclaimed the message i brought from the future.

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