The Dark Of Mine Melancholic Soul

Mine Journey, Mine Self-Exile, Just Ask For It. Mine Love.

The dark of mine melancholic soul,
Hears not my own words,
Selfless and determined, it heeds not the dangers –
– Hidden and shadowed under lies and blinds of the world,
The winds tell no clue, nor promises to be a glue,
That would hold mine melancholic soul,
With its rightful destination,
Self-exile heavy on mine back,
Walking, not looking back,
Feet tell not how weary mine melancholic soul is,
From these nights and days of life,
That threaten to end that tender, thin string,
Holding mine melancholic soul –
– And mine love.

Mine love,
Fear not,
Mine journey is to nowhere but to where  i can find you happiness,
Mine journey is a search for nothing but for what gives you happiness,
Mine journey, mine self-exile, just ask for it.

Mine love,
Fear not.


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