A Medicine Called Loved One…

lost in thought,
washed away in reverie,
flushed in love and delusion,
cradling between reality and dream,
i forgot the little baby beside me,
who gives space and time to me,
and who breathes patience,
for me to turn and talk,

but little one,
i feel like i am lost,
lost in a place where only dark pirates can survive the harsh tidal forces,
but i am pulled back into reality,
i feel a tender hand’s apprehensive pluck on my shirt,
just like a baby trying to catch my attention, there by keep my mind engaged, now that’s called helping,

but it was hard to turn and look,
and to cry out the pain,
knowing well that doing it,
might make you sad as well,
i was not strong enough,
to go through the pain,
and to go through it again,
when i share it.
was i really refusing help?
or was i helping by refusing?

Little one,
beside me you reside,
and forever i w’d believe i’l be as righteous and true.

A Medicine Called “Loved One”

Image source : Flickr


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