My Princess, My Queen – Verse #1 (Photography, Poetry)

#1 Princess In A Palanquin

Nights and knights,
Together with the pompous cavalry,
Walking the path of light,
A Princess in the midst,
Carried in a palanquin,
With care and respect,
And with love and faith,
As such showered on flowers,
Of the forever blooming plants and trees,
The sky is open,
To the spectacle below,
The King and The Queen,
With the tears of love and pride,
For their daughter, to-be-bride,
Trumpeters and drummers behind,
Make the path leading to the throne.

She shall bear the crown,
My Princess,
My Queen.

Note : It’s my sister in the photograph πŸ™‚ This is the first post of the proposed series : ‘My Princess, My Queen’


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