Not Without Flowers Anymore


And the garden was not without flowers anymore

flying through the undulating streams of icy air,
the bird swirled and turned in graceful moves,
wings flapping in complete synchronization, as if it was a dance to a symphony secretly lulled by nature,
the bird danced thus, showing ecstasy at the complete freedom that she is now living in,
her chirps carried far, far beyond what was in sight, for there were no bounds to sky, or to hope and love.

singing and singing…dancing and dancing..she flew a great distance,
life seemed so dreamy, this high, she thought.


the lightning struck her wings, she was tumbling down,
eyes closed, wings bleeding, her flight has come to an end.

no, not yet,
she was still in flight, a pseudo flight,
one which was her last one and one which she has no control over.

with a thud!, she landed on the green patch of grass in an otherwise seemingly empty garden.

she rolled over, onto her back,
opened her eyes and saw the milky clouds and the azure void beyond,
“dreamy infact”, whispered her spirit,

her vision flickered, a million colors danced before her eyes,
for what was to be her last beat,
of heart and of eyes.

and the garden was not without flowers anymore.


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