Be A Phoenix And Kick The Belief That Says ” It’s a Myth “…

NOTE : I recommend you to go to The Rising Phoenix first and then read this.

Sometimes, you have to lift yourself up from the ashes that you are reduced to. It is hard, no doubt, but even necessary. For if one dreads tomorrow and so cowers under dark today, it is nothing but offending the elemental meaning of life and existence.

The struggle is hard. And the struggle to stay sane and look at the troubles with wisdom is harder and to rise from those ashes is even harder ( # phoenix, yes ). But nevertheless, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, as the saying goes.

But who is holding the light?

Does it matter really?

Does it matter who holds the light at the end of the tunnel?

Like, you expect your love to be standing there at the end of the tunnel, holding the light and showing you the path.

But, are you ready to accept if, when you reach the end of the tunnel, find that it was not your love who was holding the light and guiding you but someone else or maybe something else. Say, some orphan who lost his path and who just arrived there and was wondering what was inside the tunnel. or maybe, it was an old, abandoned wagon which still had enough charge in the battery to light up its head lamp.

So, now, does it really matter?

‘should’ it really matter?

‘does’ allows everyone to put what they ‘feel’ is right. ‘should’ would ask you what ‘is’ right.

Should it really matter then?

Well, if you are trying to stay sane and morally stable – which is essential if your quest is for a complete knowing of yourself and of the world, spiritually or morally – then it shouldn’t.

It’s hard but it shouldn’t matter.

#BeAPhoenix #RiseFromTheAshes ( if you want to tweet, that is. )


I would recommend The Resplendent Life, my friend’s blog, if you are looking for some inspiration, believe me, you would get that. Make sure you are not lazy enough to miss words that really matter.


And I would recommend this blog , particularly this series (after reading it, you might as well go through the whole archives, driven by fascination) of posts called The Rising Phoenix, for someone who wants their questions ( put forth by life ) answered philosophically, spiritually, scientifically and morally. The answers are Beyond the Pear Tree
The series : The Rising Phoenix

And the other posts in that series can be accessed through the navigation panel on the left side of the blog.


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