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Dear indians-who-believe-the-myth-of-sachin-wins-india-loses,

“India Loses, so what?”

i say sachin did what the team expects him to do and what he expects from himself, that is ‘score runs’. he did that. maybe, when sachin plays god-like, our own team feel mesmerized and are left in pure admiration that they forget that they are actually playing a professional match and that they are going to lose the match if they get carried away. and what is the main after-effect? people say sachin hits a ton, india loses.

he’s hit 100 hundreds now. even if all those 100 matches were losses( reality is otherwise, open your eyes) , i would blame it on the rest of the team for getting carried away or maybe for giving away to the experience of bliss caused by sachin’s god-like play.

it’s simply that,
he is a great batsman and an even greater human.
and there is a team that gets carried away and there is a nation that gets too impatient too easily in too much of a short time [ we never have enuf, you say, eh? X-( … ]

Question God if you want to, not Sachin. kindly stop pestering about that unacceptable and untrue and even unimportant theory of ‘sachin-wins-india-loses’

peacefully urging,
s. jayanth

P.S: it is a great sadness that i have to talk about this when i could easily be relishing the 100th ton, but things should be cleared or else it would be a bigger problem tomorrow. ‘coz, in India, negative grows faster than it’s counterpart, sadly again.