Origami – The Art Of Paper Folding


The art of paper folding is called Origami, which is a Japanese art dating back to 17th century AD.

Once you see a few examples of the art, you would be amazed at how people even ‘get the idea’ of making such incredible stuff just by ‘folding’ a paper.

And ‘incredible‘ is a small word.

So here are a few examples of Origami. (click on the images for enlarged views)

Origami models range from simple 10 fold flowers to 100+ fold flowers and from models of ants to dinosaurs and dragons. All with only ‘folds’ of paper.

There is also something called Action Origami. These origami models have ‘moving’ parts in them, which move when a human applies some form of pull/push action, a simple example is the ‘flapping crane‘ model designed by Robert J. Lang. He is one of the most famous and talented origamist who is not just an artist but also a mathematician and theorist who knows the ‘mathematics of origami’.

Another orgamist, who is considered as the grandmaster of origami is Akira Yoshizawa who designed some 50,000 models of origami.

Origami has its influence not just on art enthusiasts but also on superstitious sections. One origami model is largely used during religious festivals in Japan and other middle east countries known as Kusudama, the origami model of hanging balls, generally used as hanging lamps.

I came upon this art ORIGAMI a few weeks ago while i was randomly surfing the internet. And the mere fact that such beautiful and complex things can be made from just as much as a single paper (multiple papers for larger models) made me spend some time on knowing more about it.

And the more models you see, the more itching your mind, heart and hands become, because you now want to do one yourself.

And i did this, an origami fish. SoMoTo.

I thank the designer of this model and also the artist who put in a step-by-step procedure on how to create an origami fish.

And yeah, you can find loads of tutorials on youtube.

Now, go make one, there is joy in it.

At least, in making origami fish (for me).


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