Love, Beyond The Realm Of Halos (Poetry)

the words that were to be sung to her,
are held inside for too long,
as if frozen in soliloquy,
my heart wanders around,
the forests and maws of mountains,
all alike,

marauding with a little burning chamber inside my heart,
called hope,

the world shouts that my love for her is archaic,
who are they, to pry on my love,
for my love has never been for a fair lady,
but for an austere soul,
whom i could understand full through,
unravelling all her troubles,
hearing every muted lament,
feeling every burdened heartbeat,
embracing all her pains,
smiling at the beauty of her innocence,
rising my head high, proud of what she is,

there is no one and nothing in this world,
that would usurp this connection,
between her and me,
with my love as the core,
my love shall stand,
even after me passing into the realm of halos.


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