Careful With Your Eagerness – Haiku #1

” let thy hunger not behest,

for what thou art eager for,

else mere desire shall grow into irrational lust, your reflection’ll be a harbinger “


in simple terms:

let your hunger not dictate,

about what you are eager for,

else, desire shall become lust, look at your own reflection to keep check.


This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being “eager”.

My first haiku. I never ventured into this form of poetry before and writing something in as short as 3 lines does seem a challenge and after you have done it will turn into a pleasure.

my recommends for the prompt “eager” :

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12 thoughts on “Careful With Your Eagerness – Haiku #1

  1. Hey Jayanth, this is very deep, but not a haiku. I saw your latest one and that’s quite right with the syllables, but this is way off. 😦

    Don’t get confused with syllables. It’s quite easy to pick up I feel. take for e.g. the title itself 🙂

    Care-ful with your ea-ger-ness *7 syllables 😀 Just split it as you pronounce it. Sim-ple! 🙂

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