In Dreamy Haze – Haiku #4



in a dreamy haze,

wanders my soul, deserted,

in silence i love.


A note : I am new to writing Haiku and I know I need to improve a lot to write a 3-line haiku pertaining to the rules. I would welcome all help and also re-writes of my Haiku so that i can learn (about the syllables).

Sarab, a fellow blogger, a friend, has been very kind to help me out. I thank him, a special mention he deserves indeed. Thank you.

His blog : Mused Cynosure

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being “deserted”.


5 thoughts on “In Dreamy Haze – Haiku #4

  1. Like the thoughts here! In order to fit the form, haiku have syllable counts of either 3-5-3 or 5-7-5. Yours is 4-7-5, so if you add one syllable to the first line it will be a normal haiku 🙂

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