Who Else But…. – Haiku #14



As Raindrops Get Fewer

weary soul, yours,

friends none, but one, who?

‘ hope ‘, who else!

~ ~ ~

Wet With Pearls

‘ hope ‘, who else,

can revive thee,

from ashes 

~ ~ ~


 from ashes,

riseth the phoenix, ‘ hope ‘,

she stands for 

~ ~ ~

i felt, the irony of this set is that all 3 haiku can be read separately and also as sequential flow. hope.

~ ~ ~

hope ‘, my life would be nothing without it. Hope is one fuel i am running my life on. machine.

Phoenix ‘ has a special place in my heart as i always try to gain strength from the weighted fact that one can never rise up again, unless he has hope, no matter what. I relate it to the mythical Phoenix bird. And the catalogue of my photography, drawings and digital art pieces is called “Phoenix ARTS” 🙂

And yes, the first line has 4 syllables and doesn’t follow the 3-5-3 structure. I seriously wanted to put the word ‘ your ‘ 😀 🙂

Suggestions and corrections are most welcome, I’m still learning Haiku. :)

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being “hope”.


20 thoughts on “Who Else But…. – Haiku #14

  1. Lovely… very beautiful Haiku… all three… I wanted to mention which one i like the most… but i just cant decide… very innovative!

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