As The Play Ends – Haiku #21



( ready for a lengthy haiku set and a very lengthy annotation after ? ) πŸ™‚


As The Play Ends


play hath come to end,

curtains veil stage, sonorous,

the audience hail.

~ ~ ~

behind veil,

live artists,

true selves out,

~ ~ ~

damsel in distress

on the stage, happy woman

back stage, true selves out,

~ ~ ~

romeo, of juliet,

on the stage, womanizer

back stage, true selves out,

~ ~ ~

brave defender, the knight

on the stage, thug n’ lawbreaker

back stage, true selves out,

~ ~ ~

othello, doubts wife

on the stage, sees in her a goddess

back stage, true selves out,

~ ~ ~

hamlet, who kills many

on the stage, shipwreckΒ savior

back stage, true selves out,

~ ~ ~

traitor of country

on stage, loyal citizen

back stage, true selves out,

~ ~ ~

teacher, wise giver

on the stage, yet a life’s student

back stage, true selves out,

~ ~ ~

all the world’s a stage,

was Shakespeare’s spell, true it is,

world’s a stage, we the players.

( first and the third lines are taken from Shakespeare’s All The World’s A Stage )

~ ~ ~

true selves out, back stage,

helps envisage, true insides,

all world’s indeed a stage.

~ ~ ~

this set is actually an adaptation from my own poem As The Play Ends that i have written a few months back.

~ ~ ~

surprisingly, i haven’t read any of the mentioned shakespeare’s novels, but i do know what they are about, and on it i mused.

“All the world’s a stage” is indeed a spell. The title itself propelled me to write this. I read his poem after writing it. πŸ˜€ Indeed, one magical spell.

~ ~ ~

my character adaptations :

Damsel In Distress : A young woman in distress ( damsel, a french word )

Romeo : the lover of Juliet, true love, Juliet his only love ( lead in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet )

Knight : the general meaning

Othello : husband of Β Desdemona, he doubts his wife of having an affair with someone else ( lead in Shakespeare’s Othello )

Prince Hamlet : tries to avenge his fathers murder and sadly is reason for many deaths, even his mother’s and his wife’s ( lead in Shakespeare’s Hamlet )

Traitor :Β the general meaning

Teacher :Β the general meaning

~ ~ ~

brief theme :Β 

don’t judge actors by their on-screen charisma

be sane, you know what Sanjay Dutt Bhai has done ( 1993 Mumbai, kuch yaad aaya? )

you know what King khan ( #3 maybe) Salman Khan Bhai did, off-field, ( drunken driving, kuch yaad aaya? )

you know what the KING Yuvraj does off field, ( begone with his health concerns for one moment, he is a womanizer of sorts, kuch samajhra kyaa? )

FANS, no damn offense truly meant X-(


like them many, (many i know not)


you know what sachin does off-field (charity),

you know what Bill gates does, off his profession, (charity)

you know what Ratan Tata does, off his profession (charity)


like them so many, (many i know not)


charity is not the only thing i am pointing at, they are good humans, H.U.M.A.N.S

not just,




that is my philosophy, i see and judge people that way,

as humans, is how one should be evaluated.

don’t judge a person ‘only’ in his field or profession, in this particular haiku depiction : Β ‘on a stage’

but off it too,

please. my urge.

i don’t like seeing sanjay dutt win in elections,

Β for that matter, any other dumb unworthy fellow either, we are talking about – running a country or at least keeping it from crumbling.

i don’t like salman khan being welcomed with millions saying ” Daaaaaaaabannnngg!!”

( no damn offense truly meant X-( )

please! again this comes to “forgiving”. on such high notes?

well, ask your selves, your TRUE SELVES.

~ ~ ~

Suggestions and corrections are most welcome, I’m still learning Haiku.Β :)

This post is an entry inΒ Haiku Challenge for April 2012Β atΒ Haiku Heights. The prompt being ‘play’ .

~ ~ ~

Note : Image is copy righted to Lena Sotskova, a Russian classic artist. πŸ™‚ I love this painting.

~ ~ ~

now you may talk about the the examples of actors i took, please i am not interested in fan’s rage.

because FANS, as they are named, might actually not use their mind and heart sometimes, when things matter.

but neutralists are all welcome to have their say πŸ™‚

~ ~ ~

aaah, at last, the play does end. I am sorry for such a long, so called HAIKU entry. Truly Sorry.

~ ~ ~


28 thoughts on “As The Play Ends – Haiku #21

  1. Well Jayanth.. I gave you a standing ovation ..for the way you have created this.. a lovely concept..and indeed eye opener too..

    Well I felt uncomfortable with syllable count once again some place…sorry….

    RS πŸ™‚

    • Nothing to be sorry sir, You would only be helping by telling me my mistakes. πŸ™‚
      to get the syllable count right is what i do immediately after your comment. In deed, after corrections, haiku somehow becomes more ‘haiku’-ish and expresses more. πŸ™‚
      i am still having a problem with the syllable counts, even after 6 days of haiku.. :-\

      and thank you very much Rameshji πŸ™‚

  2. simple terms..syllable would be sound of vowels..that’s what when you read break with the osund of vowel…

    e.g. thsi line: on stage, out, most loyal citizen

    Loyal is 2..citizen 3..other are minimum 4 being four words.. so count goes to 09…whereas it should be 7 if you are writing 5-7-5 or it can be less too..

    So remove out and most.. a line will be.. On stage loyal citizen..

    I give you the link to the site to count syllables..

    All the best buddy.. and sure you will take it in right spirit and do wonders with your talents..

  3. While I hesitate to comment about syllables, i really appreciate the flow , the grace and poise of your writing. the note is rooted in the contemporary but rises much above the mundane.the phrase tru selves out….when repeated often appears like ‘knives out’ . While you were making a point but the point unmasked the intangible hunger to unmask the masked… a revelation sort of.comes suddenly and fully agree with cynosure on the last phrases…the title is skewed ,pleasantly though. the true meaning is the unfolding / beginning of play back stage…..sorry for the longish comment…..
    .now. I truly thank thee.

  4. What a poetic offering…I do like the refraining lines from Shakespeare ~

    What is crucial in haiku is the capture of the moment, in that specific time. Using nature as metaphor is one way of doing it, connoting seasons and time frames. You can do away with conjunctions to fit the syllable count πŸ™‚

    You are doing fine with this challenge ~

  5. All the world’s a stage, yes the Bard ran through the whole human life cycle. Your reference to many of his here is a brilliant adaptation. Your haiku of many versions here is very refreshing. Great!


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