Winged Messenger – Haiku #23



( long one again.. remember the first word of the poem please )



Scene I



ashore, i call thee,

my friend, to ask favor, mine

love i’m worried about

~ ~ ~

O’ bird, go fly high,

far north, beyond horizon,

stays mine love, fly swift.

~ ~ ~

O’ winged champion,

fly until sun shines no more,

wind thy companion

~ ~ ~

O’ winged symphony,

sing her my muse, show her

mine heart, penned in ink

~ ~ ~

O’ winged beauty, go,

fear no storm, no abyss, for

nature aids true love

~ ~ ~

O bird, my friend, go

may stars watch over you, return not,

thy reward waits there

~ ~ ~

O’ bird, your reward,

orchard of heavenly fruits,

ascend the thrown, become queen.

~ ~ ~

O’ bird, be concerned not

for me, i shall know when thee

finishes thy task

~ ~ ~



Scene II



~ ~ ~

wave kisses seashore,

i know it, mine love smiled, bird!

in your debt i am.

~ ~ ~

Suggestions and corrections are most welcome, I’m still learning Haiku. :)

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being ‘seashore’.


19 thoughts on “Winged Messenger – Haiku #23

  1. Beautiful..very passionate.. and intense..craving of a heart in love… keep it up..
    Still somewhere syllables are still an issue.. as I mentioned break them in sounds of vowels..

    Hope you enjoyed the trip to a different kind of poem..and to know what pain really is…


    • Yes sir.. i did visit that poem.. i hadn’t found time to tell you about it.. i would comment on your poem there.. i am kind of busy with record work.. i rushed this post up, i was worried that i may not finish it before 12 am. 😀

      thank you sir.. i will work on the syllables.. my poems always need that touch ups, 🙂 and glad you are there to show them.. thank you.. 🙂

  2. I always visit your blog with some hope to see some special Haiku….and you never failed me…
    another good set of Haiku…
    as RS said…take care of the syllables…I gave you some links…check them from there…your haiku’s are beautiful…only syllable count is something that needs improvement…take care… 🙂

  3. I like “nature aids true love” and “wave kisses seashore.” Your haiku are romantic and full of feelings. I always refer to the dictionary to make sure I have the right syllabic count. There is a Free Dictionary online and you can also get a little pocket dictionary 🙂 Lovely haiku

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