Me Write Short? – Haiku #27



many long haiku,

you wonder, can me write short?

guess ‘Tis possible

~ ~ ~

i wrote this for myself, really.
not many times i speak out,
but when i do, it would be emotionally elaborate, sometimes excessive, eventually irritating.
times, i feel i can’t help myself with that.
i feel sorry for people who have to bear that from me.
could i help myself out of it?

but should i?
well, people like rain, even after it goes out of cycle but eventually showers.
but why not my words?
why not the same way with my elemental feelings?

~ ~ ~

i would definitely write another haiku for today’s prompt, this one is too selfish.

~ ~ ~

All my haiku here.

~ ~ ~

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights. The prompt being ‘possible’.

~ ~ ~


12 thoughts on “Me Write Short? – Haiku #27

  1. My standing OVATION , Jayanth…you have created a marvel… loved it.. keep going man.. you will be a name to reckon with.. I am so happy to see your commitment.. awesome.. God bless!!!

  2. This is wonderful – your special haiku for us. Well done!! But you should not change your everyday self. You have proven you can do anything you want 🙂

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