Who Promised You Answers? – Haiku #38



What Is Truth?

~ ~ ~

how much more? i ask,

nay answer comes; dawn to dusk,

tired sweat, silent tears.

~ ~ ~

who promised answers?

no one; i should move on now,

my question was wrong.

~ ~ ~

do i deserve this?

nay answer comes; turning away,

i go home, hurt stays.

~ ~ ~

why me? i ask now,

clouds thunder threateningly,

wrong question again!

~ ~ ~

There are no answers for these questions. And there is no one who will answer them for you. These questions are venomous tentacles of depression that lurk in the shadows of the abyss of disappointment and emotional hurt.The more you venture into the shadows, the easier a victim you make of yourself. Nevertheless, hope and faith that good and truth forever shall come out triumphant will help you get out of these seemingly deep abysses. So now, the answers! ( it hurts to know these answers. so learn not to dwell on these questions )

how much more?
as much as you can endure.

do i deserve this?
yes. harsh but such an answer would help in seeing things the right way, if you aren’t already!

why me?
HahaHa.. are you cruel enough to point at someone and say “why can’t it be him?” !!!

~ ~ ~

This post is an entry in Haiku Challenge for April 2012 at Haiku Heights.

~ ~ ~


2 thoughts on “Who Promised You Answers? – Haiku #38

  1. When I was a young adult I had a friend who shared much wisdom with me.
    One piece was “Don’t ask why you? The only reasonable answer is “Why not you? Why should you be singled out by not having any tests or challenges?”

  2. Very interesting haiku… Ask the questions when you’re ready to accept the answers that follow…Mostly we like to ask the question but don’t really want answers to it if it’s harsh!!! Somewer when we ask it, we alrdy know the answer but dont want to accept it i think…

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