Fight Muscles & Wise Muscles – Haiku #40



O’ Love! lean and pale,

wise-muscles i grew; tender

rose buds i prefer.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love! strong and hard,

fight-muscles he grew; boxing,

blood spill he prefers.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love! i ask this,

in all purity and faith;

please explain your choice.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love! forgive me,

yet, i need to know; did

fight-muscles appeal?

~ ~ ~

O’ Love! i ask,

not to hurt you; it hurts much,

(the) lack of clarity.

~ ~ ~

O’ Love! i respect,

your choice; but know this my love,

you have let me down.

~ ~ ~

wise-muscles i grew,

fight-muscles shout, “you are weak”,

i am weak but wise.

~ ~ ~


a loser


~ ~ ~

( last one is 1-3-1 structure, i wanted to put those words in there. badly. so ………… i had to make it up..the 1-3-1 :-/ )

~ ~ ~

by muscles i meant real physical muscles. read ‘muscles’ as arms. And i feel, the meaning won’t be understood by all, it lacks clarity i guess. šŸ˜
And i also apologize to thatĀ fictional “O’ Love” character for asking her about her choice.
i think the wise-muscles man was truly hurt and he asked her the question with utmost faith and .. love?! But i know even then, he is sorry he had to ask that.
he also wanted to say that he did not have the strength in him to use the word “temptation” and so used “appeal”.

~ ~ ~

This post is an entry inĀ Haiku Challenge for April 2012Ā atĀ Haiku Heights. The prompt being ā€˜temptationā€™.


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