Gulp, Spit or Die – Haiku #42


( This post is more about what i wrote after the poem, not the poem itself. So, read it if you have time and patience.Thank you. )


the anaconda,

gulps large buffalo, one go;

with full conviction.

~ ~ ~

little piece of truth,

hard to take in; chokes life out;

gulp or spit or die.

~ ~ ~

truth comes, evil hours;

don’t compromise it; fear is

death; truth is breath; choose.

~ ~ ~

Truth, of any form and of any magnitude is like food. We take it into our mouth, when it is on its way to the stomach, through the trachea, it is not the time to think if it tastes good or not. You either have to gulp it down fully or throw it up outside. Letting it live there in the middle will only makes us choke. to near death, most of the time.

You spit it out – no harm done, you will starve but live.
You gulp it down – well, good you will live. bitter or sour.

But taking the truth only half is instant death. Of your mind’s peace and of your heart’s easy beats. Your mind, just after being introduced to truth, becomes the battlefield for a battle between “what wants to get in” and “what you want to let in”. In that not-so-friendly battle, many compromise on truth.

And moreover, until you bite the truth, your soul is still starving. Live a 1000 years, unless you take in the truth, you would end up as someone who starved his own soul. for what, a 1000 years? And let me tell you, if there is one food that would make some one weak, it is truth. This naked fear of knowing before hand that truth is a bitter apple is what drives people to push it into the dark, under the bed.

Ask what does truth mean?
It is the wilderness that lies beyond the boundary around our world of “what we want”. It is called “what it is”.

~ ~ ~

This post is an entry for the weekly prompt at Haiku Heights. The prompt being ‘Hour’.


12 thoughts on “Gulp, Spit or Die – Haiku #42

  1. That’s such an insightful haiku.. and very creative is the idea behind it…! Loved the example you chose…

    • it means much when the word ‘insightful’ comes from someone like you, after all the philosophy you portray in your writings. Thank You, Pranita 🙂

    • 🙂 i really hope i grew that much.. thank you, Mrs. Teresa. How are you, by the way?
      I current am doing my exams, so i just write here. I would catch up with your blog after i finish exams. actually, i am missing reading them. 🙂

  2. Powerful and insightful haiku ~ Wow! ~ No need for explanation ~ let the reader interpret ~ trust your self ~ You are becoming very mature to me ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^ (

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