The Magpie Tales – Week 117


This week’s picture prompt in Magpie Tales



is the painter too from the middle-east,
like the three whom he painted.

or is it his admiration for the cultures of middle-east,
that made him paint this even though he belonged to a different part of the world.

if so, he must have heard, read and seen so much about the middle-east,
because one normally doesn’t know much about their own dining habits.

but wait, they are not dining.
i see the three can only be cooking,
because there are only two bowls for three people,
with one of it filled with to-be-stew water.

the fruits are surely excess to their hunger needs,
unless the table is hiding from us their giant hungry bellies. (:P)

while i said ‘he’ referring to the painter, i wonder if it is a he or she.
P. Gauguin reads the signature, looks like a name of a man.

wiki says he is a french artist,
most of his paintings depict people from Tahiti islands.

now i am excited, have i got the first part right?
the middle-east thing?

let’s see.

well, the position of these islands stumped me.
it is surely in the middle though.
between west and east. :O
lol… did i get it right? :O



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