Damn That Toy Spaceship ( Short Fiction )

Submitted at Tuesday Tales
Secret Prompt : Hindsight
Picture prompt : (below)
Word Limit : 300 or less
My Word Count : 300

Rearview Mirror


“I cannot bear the sight of that ugly toy spaceship hanging there in our car”, shouts Adeline at her 7 year-old brother James after he tied his new toy to the mirror.

“Then what do you want there, sister? a soft stuffed kitty with a cute snarl? How old are you!”, retorted James in good humor.

“Dad, stop the car. I don’t want to go with him and that ugly spaceship of his”, says Adeline, deciding she cannot bear James or his toy spaceship anymore.

“Stop being silly, Adeline. He is just a kid, let him have his way.”, her father said coolly, never taking eyes of the road.

“Moreover, do you really want a soft stuffed kitty with a cute snarl hanging up there?”,  pricked her father, unable to control his laughter, “It’s like i look for an approaching vehicle and i find this kitty sneaking up from behind”, continuing his fit of laughter.

The three were thus engaged in a lively but awkward fight about what toy should be hanging from the rear view mirror.

“Guys! I think we have a problem here”, says Georgia looking back out of the car, concerned.

“What is it, Jo? What problem is greater than having to deal with our silly kids?”, said Roger, his sense of humor still hanging around.

“Better be serious, Roger. We have a real alien spaceship landing behind us and   you say a soft kitty sneaking in the back is the worst thing?”, Georgia shouts in alarm.

“Oh Jesus! I felt something the very moment i saw that toy. A freaking Deja Vu experience or some ET spiritual foresight. Now we are being stalked in the hindsight. Damn you, James!”, shouts Adeline, not knowing what is happening.



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